About me

My Name is Abhishek Gupta from India. i have been using blender for more than five years, but even after learning so much i hadn't created much of an artwork. That could be because i was perusing C.A. That is the highest professional course for commerce and finance in India.

So i thought to push myself and showcase my talent, i went up and started working on this site.


Modeling has always been my forte. Although i began from inorganic modeling, i find myself more comfortable now with organic modeling. Thats why i am now working on characters more and studying human anatomy


Rigging is a new thing for me. But i think i have adapted very well because of my recent jump towards character animation. I am now more than comfortable in rigging characters from simple fk rig to more advance rig from fk/ik switch, facial rig, foot role and what not. But there is still more scope to go even more advance.


Composting is something introduced to blender recently with the advent of open movie elephants dream by blender foundation. After avoiding it for so many times, i have started full fledged work on it, making compulsory to not to render anything without compositing.

Animation is the toughest part of the whole process. Currently i am toiling day and night to get a good grasp of it. So am currently working on a 10 minute movie, a music video and yes a funny, mysterious and a bit ecchi comic. That should clean my hands with animation.


I love movie making. Thats the best way of showcasing your ideas. I have been participating with my friend in various movie making competition. We have already won 7 tomes at filamaka.in and winners at goonj make a change. Check out the movie section for my contribution in movie making.


I have always been an idea man. So art seems to be a suitable approach for me. You should find some of my concept art under gallery. But the rest are still under my sleeves. He he.

I always have limited resources, whether it is money, time, mobile, Internet etc. but i have never let them come in my way. I could attribute that to the finance knowledge i have. I think (yes i can think too) my bend towards art and my finance expertise a deadly combination. I should be able to help any organization work in a more cost effective way without compromising on quality. Best example should be that i can help in conversion of render pipeline by introduction of blender since i am already an expert in this software.