Open source Mobile OS need competition

open vs open
open vs open

So now we have android ruling all (well most) mobile phones nowadays.


It partially fulfills my dream of Linux OS on mobile phone. But now android is so large, that we now need competition. And what is best completion for free open source OS? Other free open source OS naturally.

Enter Firefox OS, Ubuntu, Tizen and Jolla

I am including jolla as it depends on open source project MER, but its more closed source than other OS

But android has market share, lots of apps, mods and what not. We need a compelling product to topple its dominance.

With so many OS, which one will win? My choice is Firefox OS!

But why? It’s the least preferred for all since its basing its technology on web developer tools, the chances are bright due to the following

  1. Apps port – apps development is easy since its using html5, porting regular apps is easy too (since most apps are already using html5)
  2. Super easy interface – alright it looks almost like ios but hey, it’s as easy as it can get. Interface is familiar and is fool proof. One button and bam you are out of app. This is the sole reason where firefox will outnumber other more gesture based OS. Ubuntu is so gesture centric, I don’t believe average joe can handle it and will take time to get use to it.
  3. Tie ups – they already have tie ups popular telecom operators, not to mentioned increase list of hardware partners. They are one step ahead of everyone.
  4. Cheap as it gets – they are aiming for light OS to target cheap devices, these devices can prove to be market penetrators.
  5. Truly open source – spreading open web standards, not only that they are aiming that once apps are developed, they can run on any compliant engine that supports the underlying APIs. That means develop for firefox and run it on any HTML5 compliant OS/ browser

So what are chances for other OS?


Ubuntu – touted as the next android of mobile, ubuntu has the vision to load one OS which will run on all form factors. Although it’s a winning strategy and ubuntu has the popularity to pull it, their decisions to achieve it and complexity of UI will let it down. Although it might improve with newer iterations. Who knows? One thing is sure, it looks fantastic.


Tizen – the hidden dark horse, started on meego with enlightenment libraries, there is still much less information about it. Clearly the android centric UI, with SAMSUNG and Intel behind it, HTML5 and android apps compatibility with it, this can be a force to reckon with. especialy with top notch hardware they can sport thanks to samsung.


Jolla – although it’s using open source technology, jolla is very much closed than other platforms. But jolla is my childhood vision of Linux done right for mobile. Also even though its gesture based, I believe its one of the UI where gesture is done right. This QT powered OS can take us where Nokia Meego (N9) failed to take. Beautiful UI, powerful OS, superb multitasking is what makes jolla unlike others.



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