Race to directx 11

AMD/ATI has been banging for long and showcasing their silicon for the next gen directx which is preloaded in windows 7. there was lot of cries that nvidia doesn't even have a working silicon yet. ATI's new baby which is expected to be launched is 5800 moniker. this could happen in next couple of month. 

what is so surprising is that nvidia has also announced that they will be launching their own card at around the same time as ATI. they have even showed their hardware tessellation based on their gpu. this is the power of competition. i think the reason they were mum because they must be working hard from ground up so as to counter ATI.

with both the monsters coming out  at a near date, the race to directx 11 seems unimportant. whats now remains to be seen is who will retain the performance crown. it seems since ATI has been doing somewhat hardware tessellation early on, they might have optimize it with dx11, on the other hand nvidia driver are now officially certified by Microsoft for direct compute. so lets sit back and enjoy for a while.


directx 11 most awaited features

1. directx compute making GPU available for processing

2. hardware tessellation


it seems that we open source people are getting behind, there are advance hardware available, but we still dont have opengl specification to use them. khoronos group : wake up and smell the coffee please



hardware tessellation
hardware tessellation

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