Nokia - open sorce - maemo

N900 - open sorce powered
N900 - open sorce powered

nokia has been crying open source for long time. right from the time when they released their internet tablet , from open sourcing the web browser and announcing that the symbian O/s which they have just purchased will be open sourced.

what so surprising is that even after such announcement , they have just gone ahead and released N900 with maemo which is a Linux operating system. this is big, i mean it! the device is powerful. it has got the most powerful arm processor A8 cortex with opengl es 2.0 support. Ram is measely 256 mb, but wait it can use swap space and thus theoretical available ram jumps to 1GB.

now here is the reason why nokia opted for maemo.

1. its open sorce and its a rage nowadays, with google's amdroid and intels noblim, open sorce seems to be the definitive choice

2. sysmbain code base was/is much harder to modify to meet the todays touch generation. i think this could be a reason why nokia was late with their own touch phones.

3. they needed radical O/s with a powerful hardware to fight with the likes of iphone , htc , samsung etc.

4. a super multi-touch interface with looks that could kill

5. since this an Internet tablet, a full featured browser was needed. with Mozilla gaeko engine and flash support, now you can browse the net as it is meant to be.

6. nokia also wants to enter the netbook market, this way up seems to be a good start


so here is the scenario, the N900 and above device will take the top end segment fighting the mighty iphone 3gs, palm pre and android. and maybe upcoming wondows 7 mbile the symbian will take the mid segment. hurray! that means cheaper s60 for me, the low end will be as usual s40. bah!


lets hope that nokia gains the losing faith in the smart phone market. oh yeah , they have already entered the netbook segment with the regular wintel combination with Atom. what rubbish.

speaking of nokia+open source, have you ever wondered how they have never supported ogg audio and ogg theora. hmm... shame on nokia.


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