Moblin : the future of O/s

Moblin interface
Moblin interface

ever heard of moblin? its a new distro. hmph! ya ya! there are n numbers of distro popping up now and then. but moblin is diffrenet. just peek at the attached image and you will know.

moblin was a linux o/s sponsored and developed by intel. the motive behind moblin was to create new easy to use oerating system for netbooks with super ease of use.

as you can see, mobin looks are a wave of freshness in the world of os. i started with linux as an experiment to see how a different os looks like. sadly it looked so similar to windows. thats the problm with current pc o/s. all look similar. moblim here breaks the shakles. the interface is mind bogglinly new and beutiful. its awsome. the gui is made using clutter. its sexy as hell. the interface is very simple and easy to use. all the social sites are well integrated. the web browser is called....internet! how simple. oh oh... there is no right click. thats right, this o/s is so simple to use that it doesnt sport a right click. all this reminds me of os similar to mobile phone. of course, the os was designed for netbooks. but perople have tried it on other intel based notebooks. as for now, desktop users and AMD users cant test it. moblin oogles with innovation. with new kernel modswith, root less xserver and everything, i mean every gui is harware accelerated with opengl. moblinn is still in beta but i can claim without a hitch, this is the future of o/s. its going to kill everything out there. go open source

moblin interface setup
moblin interface setup

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