Blender 2.5 - Cloning 3dsmax?

Don't get me wrong! I love blender. But I have my reason, there are some development going on in the blender that hints a touch of 3dsmax.

I actually started off with 3ds max 4, but I was forced to use blender (yeah its a long but interesting story, maybe some other time). It was this time when I started appreciating blender. The interface intrigued me, really very different and non standard. No long infinitely scrolling menus, simple material creator, non overlapping interface. So I fell in love with it. (it was not a love at 1st site, so guess I don't believe in love at 1st site).

But things are changing, the menus in version are frustratingly getting long and complicated. I now have to scroll the menus here and there to get to the place. Even splitting the 3d windows is awkward. Ipo is now called f-curve. Why? Because they say it makes it more standard.

Seriously the side pane system like in Maya and max is not easy for my hands and those hidden menus witch actually scroll too. blender 2.50 will have a huge learning curve (call me lame, I even had hard time coping up with development after version 2.40)

although there are just too many positive stuff going around with blender 2.50. its gorgeous looking interface, I think its the best looking foss out there. The future ready interface and so so so many features, internal as well external. Its going to put blender on the map of cg in a big way.


But I still feel that blender had its distinct look and feel, which is being sacrificed for standardization. It just feels like blender is loosing its soul. Or is it just me? Maybe I am having hard time accepting changes and moving forward. Whatever....

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    Tommykins (Wednesday, 08 September 2010 16:21)

    I know what you mean. Although i only started blender in early 2009, relearning the new interface is a bit of a pain. Although unlike you i didnt get to use the 2.4x series for too long so moving on isn't too difficult. Anyways, i am reading a new book by Roland Hess, "Blender Foundations The Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.5" and it seems like a very good beginner transition book. It goes through making a short animatic covering all the basics of 2.5. So far, it seems to be the best blender beginner book i've read so if you still haven't got a hang of 2.5, try and get a copy of that book.

    Concerning the way 2.5 i sbecoming like Max, i really cant say since blender is the only 3d app i have tried my hands on. Hopefully, you understand that the change is for the better and continue on the wonderful blenderish train ride of a life.


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    abhifx (Thursday, 09 September 2010 06:41)

    right now i love blender 2.5x. i do believe that getting good features from everywhere... well is a good thing. but sometimes the resemblence is uncanny.

    i published this view long time back, and now i can see some cool innovations here and there at blender.

    and yes i do love changes... thanks for responding on my blog :)

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